POWER CAM : an autonomous solar video surveillance solution made in France

TETRADIS offers you a new POWER OFFER: autonomous, innovative and more environmentally friendly energy production solutions to supply isolated sites. To complete the range, our teams have recently developed an offer combining solar energy and security to meet your needs! The new POWER CAM is a totally autonomous solar video surveillance system made in France. It is made up of photovoltaic solar panels, batteries, a regulator and an IP camera.


• Allows a total autonomy of 3 to 4 days without solar charge
• Easy to install outdoor modular structure
• Resists rain and extreme temperatures (-10 ~ 50 ° C)
• 100% renewable energy source without CO2 emissions


The offer is fully customizable according to your site and your needs, to the basic kit is added a camera pack that you can choose to best meet your expectations. Then, it is possible to add options allowing the solution to be installed in all environments and respond to all issues. Among its options, you will find: a mast, a freestanding structure, battery chargers, supervision software, etc.


• 1 Solar kit for 1 camera :
– 1 solar panel 100 Wc
– 1 battery 75 Ah
• 1 Solar kit for 2 cameras :
– 1 solar panel 330 Wc
– 1 battery 150 Ah

These 2 kits include :

• 1 adapted solar regulator
• Electrical protections and cables required (including solar and connectors)
• Mounting brackets for the complete solution

+ A Camera Pack with a choice of:
– 1 Provision-ISR camera
– 1 3G 4G router
– 1 HIKVISION 4G camera
– 1 other equipment according to your needs

• Optional :
– 1 galvanized metal pole (height 2m or 3m)
– 1 freestanding structure for fixing the mast to the ground (without slab)
– 1 internal 230 V AC battery charger
– 1 external 230 V AC battery charger + socket on box
– 1 supervision software

Our POWER CAM solution allows you to control, analyze and monitor your cameras live via a free mobile application. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: powercam@tetradis.com


TETRADIS, CYSALYS : A merger that makes sense

The whole team is happy and proud to announce that we are joining the TETRADIS group, designer, French manufacturer and distributor of solutions for the deployment of Very High Speed networks.

TETRADIS strengthens its positioning on POWER offers by integrating solutions developed by CYSALYS thanks to its industrial, human and financial resources.

This merger really makes sense, since it will make it possible to capitalize on and make use of CYSALYS Technologies’ know-how and experience in the energy field. CYSALYS will rely on TETRADIS ‘capacity for innovation and industrialization.

Together, let’s help ensure access to mobility for all, by reducing the energy impact of telecommunications infrastructure.

Your CYSALYS team, remains available to support you in all your projects.

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CYSALYS at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

CYSALYS at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona from february 25 to 28


Come and meet us in hall 5, stand B41 at the Business France French Tech pavilion

#Telco #MNO # TowerCo #ESCO #ManagedServices, opt for economical, reliable and connected energy sources.

We will introduce you to our new off-grid and bad-grid energy solutions:

  • integrated stand-alone solutions: Smart Hybrid Power Unit,

  • modular solutions which will adapt to your existing equipment,

  • full customized solutions (100% renewable, …).

More info www.cysalys.com or contact@cysalys.com




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TDF feedback on telecom operations with our SHP Unit in the west of France

TDF feedback on telecom operations with our SHP Unit in the west of France

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“ After several months of usage of the SHP Unit, we can confirm the following advantages of the SHP:

- A quick and easy installation: it takes about 1/2 a day to set it up, and the setup is entirely done by Cysalys

- All the operational information is available remotely and real time through the Remote Management System

- Thanks to the hybrid system with solar panels, the fuel consumption is minimal compared to a traditional electric generator, and there is almost no maintenance

- The SHP unit will adjust its production to the consumption of the tower: if there is no energy needed, there is no fuel consumption (unlike a traditional diesel generator). We were able to verify this physically on site

The SHP unit is also a selling point for our customers who refuse traditional diesel generators, as these may have unstable power production

To conclude: TDF may now offer a very reliable temporary solution while waiting for grid connection. ”

M. Frédéric DESTREZ

Operational project coordinator for TDF in South West of France



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CYSALYS at the 2018 TBB by Inno Energy


CYSALYS attended the 2018 Copenhagen TBB by Inno Energy

We attended the 2018 "The Business Booster" by Inno Energy in Copenhagen. We were very excited to pitch our innovative solutions to a large community of European startups in renewable energy, and discover the ambitous projects from other startups!

Creating the future of sustainable energy today – October 17-18 2018, Copenhagen
More information here: https://tbb.innoenergy.com/


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Avec TETRADIS POWER Solutions, vous optez pour des solutions d’énergie innovantes, «green», intelligentes, orientées économies et plus respectueuses de l’environnement. En sélectionnant des solutions pensées pour les opérationnels et orientées fiabilité et gains financiers, vous choisissez la performance et la rentabilité. Avec TETRADIS POWER Solutions, référence dans le monde exigeant des Télécoms, de l’IoT, des sites isolés, vous maitrisez les énergies du monde de demain.

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