TETRADIS on the Energaïa Forum


On December 7th and 8th, the TETRADIS team exhibited its solutions at the leading renewable energy exhibition in France.

Energaïa is more than 50 conferences, round tables and workshops led by experts, 3 exhibition halls and over 300 exhibitors.

During these two days, the team on site perceived a real effervescence around the subjects related to renewable energies. There are many players and the needs are considerable in terms of sustainable energy production and ecomobility.


On this occasion, we presented our solutions and our latest innovations :

• Renewable energy production, storage and hybridization solutions

• Intelligent supervision interface for all your solutions

• Ecomobility solution

The exchanges were rich and each person scanned allowed to collect 1€ for the association "Energy for all".

The goal of Energy For All is to provide the poorest populations with access to night lighting by providing durable equipment suitable for everyday use.

Today, 1.2 billion people in the world are still without electrical power.

Beautiful landscape of bamboo grove in the forest at Arashiyama

TETRADIS obtains 100/100 in the CSR evaluation administered by AFNOR Certification!


Thanks to the involvement of all our teams, TETRADIS is proud to have obtained the score of 100/100 following the assessment of its level of CSR maturity by AFNOR Certification via the ACESIA platform.

In 2021, the company mobilized resources to carry out an internal audit with the aim of structuring the solid foundations of a CSR policy that will support the sustainable growth of TETRADIS.

In concrete terms, this approach is based on:

  • 3 employees trained in CSR
  • 15 axes analyzed to know the CSR maturity of our ecosystem
  • 1 sustainable development report dealing with environmental, societal, ethical and economic issues
  • 1 project team set up to meet the challenges of tomorrow



  • Preserve nature
  • Limit our impact on climate change
  • Manage our waste and promote the circular economy
  • Develop our offers by proposing alternatives


  • Valuing women and men
  • Train and increase career flexibility
  • Protect the health and safety of all
  • Respect labor standards


  • Sustain the business
  • Contribute to a sustainable and ethical economy
  • Cooperate with stakeholders
  • Structuring a CSR approach


These actions were rewarded with a score of 100/100 in the ACESIA VSB-SMB assessment administered by AFNOR Certification, compared to an average of the controlled assessments of 48.2/100. A recognition that drives a great dynamic within the teams. This assessment is part of TETRADIS' desire to best support its customers by providing them with the most responsible range of solutions and services.

Find more information on our Commitments page.

If you would like to learn more about our actions, do not hesitate to ask us for our CSR report.


Winner of the EasyPOC programme

Winner of the EasyPOC programme


Innovation, a strong component of TETRADIS' DNA, boosted by an ambitious Research and Development project implemented by the CEA Tech and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region teams.

TETRADIS has recently been selected to participate in the EasyPOC programme which supports innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises. This programme helps companies to secure them in the first stage of the development process of an innovation with a high technological content.

This programme, supported by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region, is the result of collaboration between CEA Tech, the CEA's technological research department, and the regional economic agency, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises.
Joining this programme means that we can be supported in designing solutions capable of responding to many of the current problems linked to the carbon footprint of digital technology.
We are looking forward to working together during this collaboration, and to telling you more about it.


TETRADIS will participate in ”Rencontres Africa” 2021

TETRADIS will participate in « Rencontres Africa » 2021


On April 8, TETRADIS will be present at the "Rencontres Africa", a moment of exchange whose main theme will be access to energy in Africa.

This 100% digital edition is proposed by the AIRF (International Association of French-speaking Regions) and the AFD (French Development Agency) to allow a connection between local authorities and the private sector. A mobilization of all these actors is essential to ensure rural electrification, a crucial vector for development, including economic development.

Already present in 15 African countries, TETRADIS wishes to use its expertise on the African territory in order to assist local authorities in the definition of their sustainable development strategy and the implementation of renewable energy solutions to facilitate access to information and development in isolated areas. We will intervene as E-exhibitor during this event, you will be able to find our intervention on the topic of the mini-isolated solar power stations and the rural electrification, from 3 p.m.


POWER CAM : an autonomous solar video surveillance solution made in France

TETRADIS offers you a new OFFRE POWER : autonomous, innovative and more environmentally friendly energy production solutions to supply isolated sites. To complete the range, our teams have recently developed an offer combining solar energy and security to meet your needs! The new POWER CAM is a totally autonomous solar video surveillance system made in France. It is made up of photovoltaic solar panels, batteries, a regulator and an IP camera.


• Allows a total autonomy of 3 to 4 days without solar charge
• Easy to install outdoor modular structure
• Resists rain and extreme temperatures (-10 ~ 50 ° C)
• 100% renewable energy source without CO2 emissions


The offer is fully customizable according to your site and your needs, to the basic kit is added a camera pack that you can choose to best meet your expectations. Then, it is possible to add options allowing the solution to be installed in all environments and respond to all issues. Among its options, you will find: a mast, a freestanding structure, battery chargers, supervision software, etc.


• 1 Solar kit for 1 camera :
– 1 solar panel 100 Wc
– 1 battery 75 Ah
• 1 Solar kit for 2 cameras :
– 1 solar panel 330 Wc
– 1 battery 150 Ah

These 2 kits include :

• 1 adapted solar regulator
• Electrical protections and cables required (including solar and connectors)
• Mounting brackets for the complete solution

+ A Camera Pack with a choice of:
– 1 Provision-ISR camera
– 1 3G 4G router
– 1 HIKVISION 4G camera
– 1 other equipment according to your needs

• Optional :
– 1 galvanized metal pole (height 2m or 3m)
– 1 freestanding structure for fixing the mast to the ground (without slab)
– 1 internal 230 V AC battery charger
– 1 external 230 V AC battery charger + socket on box
– 1 supervision software

Our POWER CAM solution allows you to control, analyze and monitor your cameras live via a free mobile application. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information:


TETRADIS, CYSALYS : A merger that makes sense

The whole team is happy and proud to announce that we are joining the TETRADIS group, designer, French manufacturer and distributor of solutions for the deployment of Very High Speed networks. TETRADIS strengthens its positioning on POWER offers by integrating solutions developed by CYSALYS thanks to its industrial, human and financial resources.

This merger really makes sense, since it will make it possible to capitalize on and make use of CYSALYS Technologies’ know-how and experience in the energy field. CYSALYS will rely on TETRADIS ‘capacity for innovation and industrialization. Together, let’s help ensure access to mobility for all, by reducing the energy impact of telecommunications infrastructure.

Your CYSALYS team, remains available to support you in all your projects.



CYSALYS at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona

CYSALYS at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona from february 25 to 28


Come and meet us in hall 5, stand B41 at the Business France French Tech pavilion

#Telco #MNO # TowerCo #ESCO #ManagedServices, opt for economical, reliable and connected energy sources.

We will introduce you to our new off-grid and bad-grid energy solutions:

  • integrated stand-alone solutions: Smart Hybrid Power Unit,

  • modular solutions which will adapt to your existing equipment,

  • full customized solutions (100% renewable, …).

More info or




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CYSALYS at the 2018 TBB by Inno Energy


CYSALYS attended the 2018 Copenhagen TBB by Inno Energy

We attended the 2018 "The Business Booster" by Inno Energy in Copenhagen. We were very excited to pitch our innovative solutions to a large community of European startups in renewable energy, and discover the ambitous projects from other startups!

Creating the future of sustainable energy today – October 17-18 2018, Copenhagen
More information here:


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Alphonse Huber powers the ORANGE network in Reunion Island with CYSALYS


" A shopping mall was expanding in the South of the island in 2012, and we had to cope with difficulties of electrification of our new Telecoms antenna. To use an 8KVA generator was a default option. The diesel generator was consuming about 1500 liters of fuel per month, generating breakdowns and thus several days’ cuts in the networks... To find an autonomous solution was an ideal.

With significant cost savings, reliable performance, it will be the SHP-Unit (Smart Hybrid Power Unit) of CYSALYS. We are seduced by technical documentation, pre-studies, precise simulations of future consumptions, the professionalism and the commitment of the team. Today the fuel consumption and the running time of the genset have been divided by 3. There has been no breakdown on site over the past six months. " Because the SHP-Unit of CYSALYS is also eco-friendly, 2 new autonomous Smart Hybrid Power units are now under consideration and will start operating soon on highly protected areas. Leading innovative solutions, the vote of confidence of ORANGE La Reunion is therefore awarded to CYSALYS once again "

Mr Alphonse HUBER

Chief Technology Officer at ORANGE Reunion area



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CYSALYS is looking for Distributors and Integrators worldwide

Ask for our New Partner Program
MWC Stand French Tech Hall 5- BOOTH 5B41-Workstation 4
Contact +33 680 475 558
Please contact Danielle MUSSARD-CHASSOT for further information

Innovative solutions by CYSALYS make it possible to offer smart, cost-saving environment friendly equipment. Three types of reliable and economical energy solutions to connect networks and people, for telecom and isolated sites.


Avec TETRADIS POWER Solutions, vous optez pour des solutions d’énergie innovantes, «green», intelligentes, orientées économies et plus respectueuses de l’environnement. En sélectionnant des solutions pensées pour les opérationnels et orientées fiabilité et gains financiers, vous choisissez la performance et la rentabilité. Avec TETRADIS POWER Solutions, référence dans le monde exigeant des Télécoms, de l’IoT, des sites isolés, vous maitrisez les énergies du monde de demain.

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