Solar self-consumption solutions !

A solar range for individual or collective self-consumption or for supplying telecom sites with solar shades !


Self-consumption : an effective way to increase the share of electricity produced from renewable energy !

Self-consumption is the possibility for a consumer to produce all or part of his electricity consumption using photovoltaic panels. This electricity can cover its energy needs and be sold in case of surplus.

We could make out the individual self-consumption, where the consumers themselves produce the electricity that they use, despite the collective self-consumption, where several consumers group together with one or more providers to trade electricity. To these two concepts is added the supply of dedicated sites, through solar shades, specific to the need for an infrastructure.

Cost reduction

• Reduction of energy bills

• Anticipate the electricity price's increase by reducing the number of kWh purchased

• Subsidies to reduce installation costs


Limit the environmental impact (CO2 emissions) generated by our electricity consumption by producing renewable energy with a low carbon footprint.

Responsible approach

The self-consumption solution helps to drive the CSR, social and environmental responsibility approach of companies.

Self-consumption solutions's working principles

Composed of solar panels, a photovoltaic inverter and a protection box, the solution is simple. All this is enough to produce green electricity.

First, solar panels transform sunlight into electricity and then into alternating current using a solar inverter. This energy is produced during the day when the solar radiation is the most important, the traditional electricity network takes over when the panels no longer produce enough current.

This renewable energy is then self-consumed and supplies power to all your equipment (air conditioning, household appliances, etc.). If solar production is greater than consumption and the installation does not provide for additional storage, the excess electricity can be sold to the energy supplier (subject to the signing of a contract).


Solar shades for telecom sites

Self-consumption can be used for a specific application such as telecommunication sites. Specialist in Very High Speed infrastructures, TETRADIS offers to support operators in order to offer a tailor-made solar solution adapted to all configurations:
• Sites connected to the network
• Isolated sites (off-grid)

The solar shade is a quick and easy system to set up, which offers its owner a significant reduction in operating costs (OPEX). Finally, this solution is scalable and can be adapted to needs; it is possible to add more solar panels to support an increase in the site's electricity consumption, for example.

  • Scalable solution
  • Simple and quick to implement
  • Robust and durable structure
  • Reliable power source
  • Limit the environmental impact
  • No CO2 emissions