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SHP-Unit settles in high altitude !

A SHP-Unit, an autonomous energy production solution, installed in the Mont-Blanc massif


Our SHP-Unit - Unit Smart Hybrid Power Unit - joins the Grands Montets crag at an altitude of 3,295 meters, in the Mont-Blanc massif (74).

This achievement made it possible to cover in 4G the Argentière glacier previously located in the black spot, this deployment will offer more security for all high mountain expeditions, particularly in the context of accidents on glaciers, as well as in the mountain hut.

In this particularly restrictive environment (temperatures, snow, wind), the challenge was to be able to supply the antenna independently while containing the site's carbon footprint. The SHP-Unit, hybrid energy production solutions, was chosen. Then the TETRADIS teams adapted the unit to acclimatize to an altitude of 3,295 meters.

In total, the commissioning of the SHP-Unit will have required no less than 8 tons of equipment was helicoptered, 30 helicopter rotations, including 3 in Super Puma, spread over 4 days of intervention. We are proud to have been able to support the Free Mobile teams in this major project !

BETI Grands Montets
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TDF feedback on telecom operations with our SHP Unit in the west of France

TDF feedback on telecom operations with our SHP Unit in the west of France

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“ After several months of usage of the SHP Unit, we can confirm the following advantages of the SHP:

- A quick and easy installation: it takes about 1/2 a day to set it up, and the setup is entirely done by Cysalys

- All the operational information is available remotely and real time through the Remote Management System

- Thanks to the hybrid system with solar panels, the fuel consumption is minimal compared to a traditional electric generator, and there is almost no maintenance

- The SHP unit will adjust its production to the consumption of the tower: if there is no energy needed, there is no fuel consumption (unlike a traditional diesel generator). We were able to verify this physically on site

The SHP unit is also a selling point for our customers who refuse traditional diesel generators, as these may have unstable power production

To conclude: TDF may now offer a very reliable temporary solution while waiting for grid connection. ”

M. Frédéric DESTREZ

Operational project coordinator for TDF in South West of France



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