Solutions adapted to every need

TETRADIS specialized in energies dedicated to telecoms applications, develops various energy solutions to meet the needs of telecom’s business actors and other isolated sites.

Hybrid energy production solutions

SHP-Unit range

100% solar energy production solutions

SWU, LP2S and POWER CAM range

Self-consumption solutions

Individual or collective - Solar shade

Power backup solutions

Adapted to customer sites

A complete range of services

Study and support

• Study of different energy sources, monitoring and prototyping ...

• Simulations and dimensioning to guarantee the "best" energy mix

• Integration in a global solution

• Costing of the CAPEX / OPEX / ROI solution

Installation and commissioning

• Assembly, testing and validation of solutions

• Workshop preparation and settings

• Delivery of the solution on site

• Installation and Commissioning

• Setting up supervision and steering of sources

Operation and life of the solution

• Monitoring and supervision (data analysis)

• Actual/estimated comparisons (data analysis and exploitation)

• Optimisation of post-installation operation

• Solution maintenance contract

TETRADIS strengths

Committed to sustainable growth,

TETRADIS wishes to accompany each customer

towards this responsible approach

aimed at decarbonising our telecom infrastructures

A perfect knowledge of telecommunications with 18 years of experience

Solutions thought for the operators: easy to install and to exploit

Solutions directed reliability and financial earnings

Our expertise of the energies to the benefit of your needs