CYSALYS, energy supply expert for isolated sites

CYSALYS designs connected hybrid energy solutions dedicated to off-grid or poorly connected Telecoms sites
Also available for any isolated sites energy supply.

A shared vision and ambition

CYSALYS was born from an observation the three creators shared: the existing solutions of power production for isolated sites , mainly based on fossil fuels, do not meet anymore the requirements and do not benefit from the new opportunities of today.


Autonomous and hybrid energy

To create our autonomous energy solutions, we have chosen hybridization, based on renewable energies, to protect our environment.
We developed our own embedded system: the CYBOX, aiming to offer to our customers 100 % reliable and monitored solutions.
Our connected power solutions allow to supply energy to isolated sites and contribute with you to the world of tomorrow. The large range of our power solutions ideally meet the telecom needs and also of other isolated sites. Designed to be easily adaptable, these modular and evolutionary solutions suit in the electrification of all isolated sites, in a temporary or definitive way. Our know-how and our technology allow us to answer to all your energy projects.


The CYSALYS history

What if sun or wind, coupled with a backup energy, could be the answer to provide any isolated site with electricity?
Working on a construction site in the Middle East, Sarkis ARMOUDIAN imagined autonomous energy solutions easy and quick to deploy, cost-effective, ecological and answering the requirements of the demanding Telecoms market. A few months later, he created CYSALYS, along with Guillaume JULLIEN DE POMMEROL and QOWISIO, a company established by Cyrille LE FLOCH. Since then, other talents have joined this team by passion, so that anyone, everywhere, could reach the economic development brought by electricity.

"And basically an ambition which became a fundamental value of our company:
Less polluting, and more environment-friendly solutions"

The whole CYSALYS’ team innovates and designs with passion connected and smart energy solutions. The objective of our company is to favor a cleaner planet, but also that everyone and everywhere, could share the well-being provided by the last technological evolutions. And what could be more usefull that the energy to answer these major stakes of the XXIth century? Discover our ranges and opt for reliable energy solutions, adapted to your needs, economic and environment-friendly.

CYSALYS strengths


A perfect knowledge of telecommunications with over 30 years ground experience of the three founders (particularly in the deployment of telecom and broadcasting networks)

Solutions designed for operators: easy to install and to use

Solutions designed for reliability and financial earnings

Our expertise of the energies to the benefit of your needs