Customized solutions for autonomous energy

TETRADIS designs your own customized autonomous solutions hybrid, smart, cost effective and eco friendly .

A unique know-how

TETRADIS designs and manufactures hybrid and renewable power supplies, operational 24/7 with significant cost savings. This product is based on a unique know-how combining several technologies to offer you customized autonomous solutions:

Hybridization of energy sources

To insure optimal reliability as well as banking on the benefits of renewable energies (solar, wind, Fuel Cells … ).


Pilots our own Hybrid+ controller, to enable the autonomous and optimal operation of the solution and associated savings.

TETRADIS’s solutions are based on a modular, Plug & Start, scalable, easy to use concept.

A customized solution to meet your needs

Autonomous energy

A customized, autonomous power source, perfectly adapted to meet your needs thanks to a modular and scalable concept.

Remote Management System and Smart Metering

A remote management system combined with smart metering gives access to monitoring from your office and in real time the operational status of the unit. Datas are stored on a database available from a web browser. This allows you to interfere on sites only when it is necessary, thereby significantly reducing your logistical costs.

This results in a reliable solution which brings you real operational savings

An “all in one” concept

An innovative power supply, hybrid, compact, secured, packaged in an “all in one” smart design, allowing you to consume just for your needs, bringing your costs down and being more respectful to the environment.


An optimal design, monitored by our own EMS (Energy Management System), for the best energy flow management, and the yield of its components (panels, battery, generator). CYBOX is an embedded system using our own Hybrid+ technology, running our smart algorithm designed by our R&D team.


Benefits of our customized solutions

Current “full renewable” solutions are expensive and of uncertain reliability and autonomy.

Our goal is to lower your energy costs, ease your operations in off-grid locations, increase the use of renewable energies (solar, wind, hydrogen … ) and to lower your CO2 emissions, TETRADIS offers effective solutions, customized for your needs. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to off-grid distributed power sources, without fossil energy, through a universal smart platform.

Let us drive your project!