A 100% solar range offering two complementary solutions to meet all your needs!

Borne Solaire Eolien
Borne Solaire Petite Puissance

The development of communication networks will lead to the installation of numerous stations in areas distant from electricity networks.

These sites have variable electricity consumption, so we offer a range of solar power solutions. TETRADIS has developed the SWU (Solar Wind Units) for your sites consuming less than 800 watts. The LP2S (Low Power Solar System) was developed to supply sites consuming less than 100 watts such as stations (LTE, IoT, video, etc.) from an autonomous solution based on renewable energies.

The SWU, Solar Wind Units, a 100% renewable solar energy solution

The Solar Wind Units (SWU) is an autonomous 100% renewable energy production solution made up of solar panels and batteries.

It can be coupled to a wind source depending on the site's potential and is suitable for powering isolated sites consuming less than 800 watts.

The SWU advantages

  • Solar / wind power supply for your isolated sites

  • Sizing of photovoltaic panels and batteries according to the needs of your site

  • Protected technical equipment, installed under the photovoltaic panels

  • Remote supervised solution

  • No maintenance

The LP2S : Low Power Solar System, a practical and easy to operate solar energy solution


The solar energy solution for low consumption isolated sites

Low Power Solar System’s characteristics

For sites consuming less than few hundred of watts, such as video surveillance sites, relay stations of IoT and LTE networks, weather stations, the LP2S is the ideal solution to provide power for sites with solar energy in an autonomous way.

The LP2S is composed of solar panels, an outdoor cabinet including batteries and an electrical distribution panel. The LP2S is sized to assure the station’s autonomy and to feed it with solar energy combined with storage batteries.

Solar solution’s working principles

Composed of solar panels and batteries, the LP2S and SWU Units operate exclusively using renewable energies.

The energy produced by the solar panels is consumed and then stored in batteries to ensure the site's autonomy.

  • Compact and scalable
  • Easy to install
  • Secured units (theft)
  • Reliable power source
  • Limit the environmental impact
  • No CO2 emissions