A tailor-made offer to secure the existing energy sources of your strategic sites!

Solution sécurisation énergie Togo-1

Power backup solutions, an effective response for all unstable networks (Bad-grid).

This solution helps to secure and stabilize the energy source of a strategic site. 


Guarantee the quality of the current (phase stability)


Secure the energy source


Local management and remote supervision


Making modern energy services accessible

Our power backup solutions meet two challenges :

Site stratégique - Gestion de l'eau

Securing the energy sources of a strategic sites

Securing the energy sources of a strategic site, in the event of partial or total failure, these solutions guarantee the safety of the electrical system and thus avoid the risk of breakdown.

Solution de sécurisation

Securing a bad grid

The reliability and securing of an unstable network (bad-grid) in developing countries where access to electricity is not generalized. Despite the constant improvement in electricity infrastructure around the world, 789 million people were still without electricity in 2018. These solutions provide a response to ensure quality current in areas with bad or no grid.

Solutions's working principles


Depending on the site, the security solution can consist of batteries, a generator set, an ATS, inverters / regulators and photovoltaic panels. Once implemented, the energy security system will support the local electricity grid.

The site is supplied as a bonus by the local electricity network; when the latter is faulty (phase instability for example or outage), the safety system takes over to guarantee uninterruptible power supply to the customer station, either through the batteries or through the generator.

The solar energy produced is mainly used to keep the batteries charged, and can eventually help relieve the existing electricity grid.

A smart and connected solution

Our Power Backup solutions is driven by our own EMS (Energy Management System). The CYBOX is an embedded system, based on the Hybrid + technology.

It integrates a smart algorithm developed by our R&D team to optimize the energy performances and cut off waste operational costs.


  • Scalable solution
  • Sizing according to the site
  • Securing an existing network
  • Local management and remote supervision
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions