The SHP-Unit, an hybrid solar power supply for telecom sites and off-grid sites.

The SHP-Unit by CYSALYS is an hybrid power solution, combined with renewable energies, which matches exactly with the customer’s needs thanks to its modular and scalable design.

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SHP-Unit's operating principle

The renewable energy produced by the SHP-Unit (solar, wind) is directly consumed or stored in batteries. This energy is coupled with a complementary source (the generator) starting on demand during a few hours per day when the (intermittent) renewable energies are not sufficient anymore and when batteries are discharged. This framework insures an optimal energy flow management, and to use each component of the SHP-Unit to its maximum yield.

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The SHP-Unit, hybrid solar power supply for telecom and isolated sites, is driven by our own EMS (Energy Management System). The CYBOX is an embedded system, based on the Hybrid + technology designed by CYSALYS. It integrates a smart algorithm developed by our R&D team to optimize the energy performances and cut off waste operational costs.

SHP-Unit’s specifications

The SHP-Unit is composed with high yield photovoltaic solar panels, deep cycling batteries and a diesel generator; the global system is locally monitored and supervised by our CYBOX system.


The SHP-Unit: an hybrid power supply covering a large power range.


Benefits of Hybrid Solar Power solutions telecom sites / off-grid and bad-grid sites

Fuel consumption

is divided by
3Diesel generator running time is divided by 4


is divided by

CO2 rejections

are divided by
329 tonnes for one year

* Figures given for the example of a SHP-Unit replacing a diesel generator on a telecom site consuming 1kW.

  • Operating costs reduction (fuel, on site maintenance)
  • Total Cost Of Ownership decrease
  • Short Return On Investment period
  • Reliability and security of the power supply
  • Environment friendly

For developing countries, we are also proposing optional eco-citizen services: power socket to charge mobile phones handsets in villages, internet consultation screens, favoring local economic development.

Services adapted to customer’s expectations

CYSALYS developed an innovative energy production supply, hybrid, compact and secured, on a smart "all-in-one" concept. The SHP-Unit allows for a more ad-hoc consumption and a better respect of the environment.

  • Installation and commissioning service
  • Trainings
  • Maintenance contract
  • Technical support
  • Audits of the site’s energy production and consumption
  • Design and engineering

% less CO2 rejections

  • Compact and scalable
  • Easy to install
  • Outdoor cabinet IP 54/55
  • Monitoring & supervision
  • Web access
  • Operational dashboard
  • Secured cabinet (theft)
  • Reliable power source
  • Limited CO2 rejections