Products and services

CYSALYS develops high-performance hybrid energy solutions to supply sites not connected
to the electricity grid.

Innovative solutions by CYSALYS make it possible to offer smart, cost-saving environment friendly equipment. Three types of reliable and economical energy solutions to connect networks and people, for telecom and isolated sites.


The company that thinks green!

The company

CYSALYS provides operational hybrid energy solutions by favoring cost reductions and environmental protection through the use of renewable energies.

The team

A team with field and engineering background for the improvement of efficiency, reliability and safety, to accompany the development of isolated sites.


An innovation is often the alchemy between the collective intelligence and the common sense of men and women motivated by the same purpose.

The advantages of the CYSALYS' solutions

Significant decrease of operational costs

Secure and enhance the reliability of the energy source.

Reduction of the environmental impact

Hybrid energy solutions for telecoms sites and internet

Solutions of hybrid energy for telecoms sites and internet

Power supply of isolated sites

Hybrid energy Solution for isolated sites

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